The BayLab periodically organizes trainings at different ecucational levels.


Master DSA e and other neurodevelopmental disorders: evaluation and tratment in typical and atypical contexts

This post-graduate Master provides the knowledge and operational tools suitable for the diagnostic evaluation and rehabilitation of specific learning disorders and BES (special educational needs), as established in the guidelines of the most recent national consensus conference. The Master aims to train competent professionals both from a theoretical point of view, thanks to the intervention of the main national experts in the field, and with respect to practical application aspects, through the presentation and use of diagnostic tools and rehabilitation protocols. by experienced professionals.

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Training. Video-Feedback Intervention To Promote Positive Parenting And Sensitive Discipline

The course aims to train competent professionals in the promotion of the “Positive Parenting and Sensitive Discipline (VIPP-SD)”, according to the video-feedback procedure devised by the University of Leiden. The VIPP-SD method is a parenting support strategy, widely validated at national and international level, which aims to support parenting functions in terms of sensitivity in emotional care and parenting ability to define clear disciplinary rules. and sensitive through the video-feedback technique and the use of home-visitors. The method promotes secure attachment relationships and reduces externalizing and internalizing behavioural problems. Particularly suitable for support for parenting and the development of minors in the 0-5 age range, it can be particularly useful with regulatory and potentially at risk populations. It can also be used for research purposes, as a direct manipulation of the environment and to study the development of the attachment bond in a population with typical and atypical development.

The next training will be in June 2021.