Teachers and educators

Screenings to identify precocious indicators of language delay and learning impairments

Screening activities play an important role in the future development of the individual as early recognition of the learning disorders guarantees the implementation of adequate teaching measures, which guarantee learning in line with expectations. The activity takes place in the schools of the provinces of Chieti and Pescara and involves the use by teachers of simple questionnaires which, through a list of questions on the child’s behaviours, observe the attitudes and performance of the subject and provide a description. of its difficulties which are well observable and easily described.

The questionnaire has no diagnostic value, but it can be useful for teachers to underline any gaps to be filled with recovery and strengthening didactic interventions and to develop adequate strategies, enhancing the characteristics of each student. As in all screening, it is rather an indicator of the presence of an atypical performance, which deserves attention and may suggest the opportunity to start an intervention aimed at overcoming the difficulty.